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Here you will find information especially necessary for preparing your journey to us.

  • Jade Bay: Our region as a place to work, to study, to do business and to live
    Our region offers great opportunities to work, study and live. Several Websites offer information to get an overview about the region’s posssibilities for you. Here is a choice of websites, some with relevant pages in English.

  • Academic year
    The academic year for vocational schools in our region is dependent on the official holiday schedule of „Niedersachsen“ (Lower Saxony) which is the federal state we belong to within Germany. You can find valid information on our holidays for example here on giving an overview on holidays for the current and following academic years.
  • What kind of insurances should you have?
    In preparing for your work placement with us you should check and arrange your protection in terms of health insurance, accident insurance (workplace and private) and liability insurance (workplace and private). Additionally, we recommend travel insurance e. g. in case of unforseeable cancellation of your work placement and arrangements and bookings already been made for travelling and accommodation.
  • How to get to the Jade Bay?