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Here you will find some aspects necessary and helpful to know for the time of your stay with us.

  • What accommodation is available?
    Accommodation is normally arranged together with you by the mentoring teachers of the vocational school which takes care for you during your work placement. Accommodation could be arranged e. g. at hostels. Additionally one of the numerous holiday appartments in our popular holiday region on the coast of the Northsea is another option.
  • What kind of equipment is necessary for my stay?
    Depending on the field of occupation of your work placement different equipment will be necessary for your stay. The contact person – mostly one of our teachers at our schools – who acts as your local mobility and work placement mentor will give you detailed information. He or she is in close connection with the company of your work placement and has the details. Please get in touch with him or her.Generally speaking, a choice of modern communication tools and devices is necessary in order to stay in touch with your mobility mentors at home and in Germany. These tools will as well be necessary and helpful in order to gather information and to prepare and deliver documentation of your work placement. A mobile phone is a must and a laptop often is advised, too. Internet connection via a private personal computer makes it much easier to exchange information, learning outcomes and feedback necessary during your stay. But, don’t forget a work placement abroad is about work and life in a foreign country and culture. So, get out, meet and live with the locals as your hosts where ever you can.
  • Daily life in Germany and Jadebay area.
    • Internet and mobile communication
      As probably as well as in your home country buying SIM-cards of German telecom providers including only mobile internet access or addtionally telephoning is quite easy. Mostly these providers offer their SIM-Cards not only on the internet but in local supermarkets, too.
    • Shopping
      Some of the German grocery stores and supermarkets you might even know from your home country. Lidl and Aldi for example have a dense network of subsidaries all over Germany. Sure one of their stores will be quite near to your accommodation.
    • Alcohol and drug regulations
      Regulations concerning alcohol and drugs will be different to regulations in your home country. Please make sure to stick to the German rules.
    • Spare time
      Located at the northerwestern coast of Germany, the Jadebay area typically offers spare time activities associated with the sea.
      Very special for our area and practiced a lot by the locals is Boßeln. A sports activity played in different leagues and very popular just for fun with a group of friends or your family.
    • Getting around

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      Sometimes our schools can offer you a bike for free or a low fee in order to get around. Please ask your local mobility mentor. The local bus services are also a good possibility to get around, especially on the weekends when going out to meet other people. A quite popular service for young people is „Die Nachteule“ a particular regional bus service, offered especially at times when young people go out and get back home 😉